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"I was really looking forward to looking through the recipes on your website, however none of them are showing. Love the show. Would really like to be able to see the recipes that Smokeejo does on the show that says you can find them on Larry Csonka.com."
"Larry, I grew up a Saints fan living in Louisiana, but also was a big fan of the Dolphins when you played since the Saints were so miserable during that period. I watched your show regularly for the past 15 years, and I've enjoyed it more than any other hunting and fishing show I've seen. In fact, it was by far my favorite hunting and fishing show to record to make sure I didn't miss it each week. Having recently retired myself, I look forward to having more time to spend outdoors like you and Audrey; particularly fishing, hunting, camping, and hiking. While I hope to make it up to Alaska in the future, I always enjoyed how your show captured your hunting and fishing experiences, the scenery of the places you went, and the people that live there. Thanks for being a part of such a phenomenal show, and best wishes for you and Audrey in your retirement. Sam."
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